Get Valuable and Interesting Basic Electronic Skills and Theory

This downloadable homework package is suitable for those with a high interest in how they work. People who have little or no experience working with electronic components and circuits, but want to learn more, faster and cheaper!

To make the date easier to understand, I will explain this topic!

And because this course is divided into two parts, the second part concerns the construction of an electronic project, so it is much easier to successfully create electronic circuits and projects without help.

Chapter 1 deals with the circuit to be used to operate. We have seen both the voltage and current flow as well as the static current that flows. Then we talk about guides, insulators and why conductors work and why they are isolated.

Create a substance that controls the flow of amazing small electrons.

Now we have to manage them because they are moving. This means talking about resistance and defining ohms.

Let’s take a look at why the resistor has two values. Then we talk about the resistance of common metals and how this information is used to compare different guides.

This explains how strange “electric fields” can be included in the box.
This section describes how the capacitor consists of a metal plate or foil separated by an insulating material.

It is an insulating material that maintains a valid electric field and affects the total capacity and maximum voltage that can be used.

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